With over two decades of industry experience, we are a local firm with our base off operations in Australia. A family setup our aim is to be your go to shop for everything plastic under the sun, that is why at we are the biggest and largest online wholesalers for plastic containers, boxes and other assorted items – basically we deal with everything plastic and offer a utility. From a wide range of product lines to practical and hand-picked items we have something for everyone. Our company mantra is that everything we sell must have purpose and use that is why we put a great amount of thought into everything we list on our website. Suited for both individual and business needs all the items listed are unique and durable. With a passion for the product line we put across to you, our aim is to give our valued clientele the right solution, at the right price and when you want it.

Plastics'R'us warehouse

That is why our business model is vested in our philosophy, offering comparable and comparative prices we make it easier for our customers to get the right items. Our history and our own story dates back to the mid-nineties when we opened up shop – our first ever in Maribyrnong, Victoria. Changing the customer perception and the way in which plastic and storage items were bought and used we never looked back. Sourcing from a range of suppliers we ensure the quality of our products by making each item we place online undergo screenings and a variety of product testing regiments.

So whether you are looking for small boxes, large plastic containers or a variety of other storage items we are just the place to look at. Offering our valued customers ease of accessibility along with affordability we give a price guarantee on each item. Thank you for visiting our website today, feel free to have a look around. If there is something you were looking for but couldn’t find drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

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